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Sensor Barrier Sleeves and Camera Covers | Click on thumbnails to see larger images
Item # Product Description Flow Dough Price   Quantity
 Perfect Fit Adjustable Camera Sleeves Perfect Fit is a universal adjustable camera sleeve. Just slide it over your camera head, fold over the excess material and use the blue tab to cinch tight. No peeling paper covers, or excess waste. With Perfect Fit you’ll achieve a tight, form-fitting wrap and a clean, crisp image!
80125 Perfect Fit Adjustable Camera Sleeve Universal fit - Box of 150 Sleeves N/A Perfect Fit Adjustable Camera Sleeve
 NEW! Snuggies Custom-Fit Sensor Sleeves Now you can protect your equipment and your patients with a snug, custom-fit sensor sleeve - regardless of sensor size.
80222 Snuggies Custom-Fit Sensor Sleeves One size fits most – box of 500 N/A Snuggies Custom-Fit Sensor Sleeves
 NEW! Comfee’s Econo-Pak Sensor Sleeves
80211 Comfee’s Econo-Pak Large size (fits most size 2 sensors) – box of 500 400 Comfee’s Econo-Pak
80201 Comfee’s Econo-Pak Medium size (fits most size 0 and 1 sensors) – box of 500 400 Comfee’s Econo-Pak
80201-SP Comfee’s Econo-Pak Order a free sample here! N/A Comfee’s Econo-Pak
 Comfee’s Deluxe Sensor Sleeves
80210 Comfee’s Deluxe Size 2 – box of 500. 1,200 Comfee’s Deluxe
80200 Comfee’s Deluxe Size 0 – box of 500. 1,000 Comfee’s Deluxe

Sensor Barrier Sleeves

Snuggies Sensor Sleeves

Now you can protect your equipment and your patients with a snug, custom-fit sensor sleeve - regardless of sensor size. Simply peel, stick, and go! Snuggies works with sensors of any size, shape, and thickness. Patients will love Snuggies because there’s less loose plastic to gag on. Practitioners will love Snuggies because one-size-fits-all, eliminating the need to buy and stock sleeves of many sizes. Plus, with Snuggies, you don’t have to twist the sleeve around delicate sensor cords to keep the sensor from sliding around in the sleeve. To custom-fit your Snuggies, just peel off the clear tab, then pull the white tab snug against the sensor. That’s it! Snuggies are economically priced and packaged 500.

Comfee’s Deluxe Sensor Sleeves
Comfee’s sleeves are the best way to protect your valuable digital sensors and maximize their effectiveness. Comfee’s are made from soft, supple vinyl with a unique textured design that reduces surface resistance, so sensors slide in effortlessly. Rounded corners and seams without rough edges (like other sleeves) improve patient comfort. Quick, tear-away design makes removing the sensors quick and easy. Available in large and medium sizes to fit all types on sensors on the market. Best of all, you won’t pay any more for Comfee’s than you’re paying for your current sleeves!

NEW! Comfee's Econo-Pak Sensor Sleeves
Great quality . . . at a great price! Like our original Comfee's sleeves, new Comfee's Econo-Pak sleeves are comfortable and easy to use, with soft rounded corners and easy tear-away seams. They will keep your sensors clean through the entire procedure, without coming apart. Best of all, they come at a value price that will make a big difference on your bottom line!